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With the Power CVA-Flow and its AI modules, CVAid synchronizes all stroke stakeholders (patients, EMS, ER, stroke centers, medical teams and management), ensuring improved outcome as a result of early triage, and remote diagnosis by certified neuro teams.


CVA-Flow is a comprehensive telestroke system that ensures early and accurate diagnosis of stroke by certified neuro teams using a standard smartphone and dedicated cloud servers. The CVA-Flow, supported by its artificial intelligence module (CVA-Core), synchronizes all stroke stakeholders.

We provide an innovative way to scale up telestroke technology, in order to optimize stroke diagnosis and patient care by diagnosing stroke anytime and anywhere, using only a standard smartphone application. This reduces late arrival to hospitals, false positives and false negatives diagnosis,  and enables to achieve timely life-saving treatments.


By correlating clinical records with audiovisual output, we created algorithms that automatically classify urgency in real time, assisting neuro teams at stroke centers to remotely diagnose stroke patients and provide appropriate evacuation location and therapy.
CVAid uses a proprietary database of visual and auditory recordings of stroke patients, along with machine and deep learning tools, to create an all-in-one software solution that analyzes data in real time, providing neuro decision-makers with the support tools required to remotely diagnose patients without sacrificing quality.
We provide all our AI-driven algorithmic capabilities, to ensure that our CVA-Flow telestroke system is simple to use, safe and accepted by the neuro teams.
CVAid is developing an advanced AI-based stroke disease management platform. Our software solution, CVA-Flow, analyzes visual and auditory data to provide the most comprehensive solution for stroke triage, enabling neuro teams to manage and prioritize stroke cases, and expedite patient care.


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